We know that it is important to give to missions in order to spread the gospel, but sometimes people can lose sight of the significance of their generosity.  We want to remind you of just what your giving accomplishes.


- We have built orphanages, schools, Bible training centers and churches.

- We have fed the hungry and clothed the poor. We have seen Jews and Muslims miraculously touched by God and accept Jesus as their Lord.

- Prisoners who once took lives are now helping to restore lives.

- Children have been rescued from the streets, babies have been saved from abortion.

- Young girls delivered from self harm, eating disorders, slavery, and sex trade.


We appreciate all those who help us touch people all over the world.  When you sow a seed into missions, your generosity comes alive to touch the hurting and the lost all over the world!


In Christ,

Pastor Sam and Becky Carr

who we support



Neil Anderson - The Sowers Ministry/China/Nepal

Sandra Bell - Jesus Word Ministries/China 

Paul and Shoddy Chase - Keys to the Kingdom/Philippines

Steve Fischer - Fischer Family Ministries/Hong Kong, China

Charles and Cathy Milbrodt - Living Word Ministries, Intl/Thailand

Mike and Jyoti Van Buskirk - Bangkok, Sikkim/India 

Joseph & Fai Wood - Thailand




Jim & Jan Schmitt - Ireland

Brad and Amy Beebe - Dublin 




Egon and Hanna Falk - New Life Outreach/Tanzania, Africa.

Titus and Pattie Kasomo - New Life Outreach/Dream Center/Tanzania, Africa 

Reggie and Ronnan Moffett - New Life Outreach/Tanzania, Africa

Jamie and Lea Peters - TCI, Africa (Burundi, Zambia, Congo and Malawi)

Paul and Debbie Troquille - New Life Outreach/Tanzania, Africa


Central America

Cameron and Micaela Brice - Mexico 

Harry and Karen Wilson - Guatemala 


South America & Haiti


Joshua and Hannah Adams - Brazil

Alex and Jeanie Andrade - Brazil 

Doug and Veronica Dennis - Venezuela/Brazil 

Danita Estrella Watts - Hope for Haiti Children’s Center 




Keith and Heidi Hershey - Mutual Faith Ministries  

Mark and Janet Brazee - DOMATA Schools

Mark and Victoria Bowling - Global Impact Ministries  

John and Lisa Bevere - Messenger International 

John Smithwick - Global Ventures

David Hawkins - Global Ventures